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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Another IMS 365 installation
IMS 365

IMS the leading innovator in the HEADWEAR machine knitting industry, IMS Industrial Machine sales is the first in line for the newest and fastest headwear knitting machines on the market. We carry the RIGHT machine for you right here in our stock.

The IMS 365 ETL beanie and scarf knitting machine is our most popular model for good reason. Our partners across Canada and the USA are delighted at how it can produce stunning high-definition products at such rapid speeds. Here’s more on the model:

The Jacquard Technique-IMS 365

A basic definition of jacquard knitting is that it’s a multi-toned pattern featuring frequent color changes and looping of stitches on the wrong side. Jacquard knitting machines are exceptional at producing vibrant scarves and beanies because they can focus on far more than the single or double-colored fabrics that you normally can by hand. Today’s jacquard machines are capable of creating stunning products with the use of computer technology. None more so than the IMS 365. Here’s why:

The IMS 365 Beanie and Scarf Knitting Machine: Fast, Focused, Flexible

The demands of the scarf and beanie industry have driven our manufacture’s R&D department to create its best and most advanced model yet. It allows the owner unprecedented flexibility in creating products to satisfy the diverse demands of their customer base. The best feature is perhaps how advanced the fully-computerized machine is but how simple it is to operate. No special skills or intense training are necessary for its operation. Some of the best features are:

  • User-friendly software: Designs can be changed rapidly and no special skills are needed.

  • Rapid Production: Speeds of up to 100 RPM!

  • Fully-computerized: Just program what you want and let the machine do the work.

  • High-definition: The computer software combined with up to 300 needles allows for vibrant and stunning colors.

  • Tensionless supply: 11 electronic yarn feeders ensure there’s no tension leading to stoppages in production.

  • Easy-to-handle: a 7-inch touch screen allows for quick selection and a full view of the inner workings of production. No squinting or misclicks coming.

IMS Industrial Machine Sales

Our company not only provides high-quality machines; we also provide turnkey training so you can flawlessly operate each model. We even have a wide inventory of spare parts should you ever need them.

If you want a bird’s-eye view of the IMS 365 in action, check out our Youtube Channel. If you’re looking for the OPEK 365 scarf and beanie knitting machine, then talk to IMS Industrial Machine Sales today.


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