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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

IMS 365 sport scarf
Sport scarf made on the IMS 365

To some, they are a source of pride. To those who hate your team, they are a source of venom and hatred! Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, the soccer scarf is here to stay. When we say that they’re everywhere these days, we mean it. From the UK and North America to China and the most recent World Cup in Brazil, scarves emblazoned with your favourite team or slogan have become a mainstay of stadiums everywhere. A big reason for that being their flexibility. You can be glamorous, practical, and stylish all with one affordable accessory.

There’s a style to fit every type of match, but here are the three most popular:

The Half-and-Half (Matchday Scarf)

This style has made headlines all across the world, particularly in England where die-hard fans greeted them with venom! Both teams on the same scarf? Never! Even with a little negative attention from the Premier League’s most ravenous

supporters, this style is one of the most popular around the world. Typically, it has both team’s logos, the date of the match, and other commemorative information, making it the perfect souvenir. Those who like to see things in a positive light will say they are a sign of friendship rather than competition. And since it’s long enough to be draped over the shoulders and hang down to the waste, it’s a great way to stay warm and look elegant.

The Split-Logo

This version is another long and practical style of scarf, much like the matchday style. Team supporters love the long-lasting practicality that this style affords compared to the matchday look. Normally, it has the team name across the back and logo split in half on both ends up the scarf. That way, when you drape it over

your shoulders, the logo comes together on your chest like a big pendent. Since they are easy to wear, wave in the air, and store, they are a favourite of teams, corporate functions, and fundraisers of all kinds. What better way to promote your name than with a massive logo across your body?

The Tight-Knit

Increases in the technological sophistication of circular knitting machines have made soccer scarves more detailed and colourful than ever before. Tight-knit scarves have the ability to feature extreme detail for the logo and other images while still sporting vibrant colours and easily-readable slogans. Intricate designs help further define a business or team information, and it’s for this reason that they are becoming more popular as the years go by. Fully-computerized machines allow advanced image design with simplicity, precision, and speed.

The soccer scarf industry continues to become more popular around the globe as scarves become more comfortable, detailed, and accessible. So whether you want to support your favourite club and wave them in the face of your enemy or support your local little league team at a fundraiser, these are three most popular styles you’ll encounter.

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