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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Custom team scarves
sport scarf

Teams, companies, organizations, and even pubs and microbreweries all want to feel a sense of camaraderie. They all want to feel as though they belong together and are working toward a common goal, and there is only one real way to make that happen: a custom sports scarf.

More versatile, comfortable, and fashionable (and easier to wave around!) than a t-shirt, custom printed scarves are the perfect fashion accessory to equip your group with if you want to increase morale—and to give your fans and watch them go wild!

But they aren’t something that people purchase every day, and, with the range of knitting machines available on the market, there are plenty of options to choose from. We created this helpful buying guide to show you the difference between styles and how they will fit you best.

The Different Types of Sports Scarves

There are a few major types that will be available to you from custom manufacturers. The most common are:


The most common and preferred type of scarf (i.e. the ones you see at loaded soccer/football stadiums) are without a doubt knitted scarves. These double-sided fashion accessories are easily customizable and normally feel much richer and softer than their counterparts. Their advantage is that you can knit directly into the body, eliminating the need for patches or other artwork. This makes them more affordable. They can be ordered and delivered at short notice and the minimums are as low as one.


Printed scarves can be used for logos or slogans (hence, they are great for your company or sports club). However, the polyester body and acrylic fringes mean the scarf will be a lot thinner than a knitted one. The drawback is that they may cost more and won’t actually keep you very warm!


Custom woven scarves are unique in that on one side is custom-designed artwork and on the other is a negative of that design. A major drawback is the lead time and the minimum quantity required.

If you’re looking to create a custom scarf for your sports team, company, or microbrewery, then the best option for you depends on your budget, artistic desires, and end goal.

The good news is that with the range of custom knitting machines available from dealers such as IMS Industrial Machine Sales, your options for custom sportswear are as wide as your imagination!


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