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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Whenever a company would want to send out different promotional items, most likely than not, these are usually designed based on the company’s profile to represent the business image. However, it should not always be that way, especially when it comes to Promotional Headwear.

Simple design techniques
7 color design

Business owners should always remember that these types of promotional items should be handed out in a way that the people would actually think of wearing or it would be just a total waste of money. This means that you should spend time researching and knowing what these people like and don’t like so as to make yourself confident enough that you have invested well for these promotional clothing which includes the headwear.

So when designing promotional headwear, think about these tips before finalizing the design:

1. Take into serious thought your client’s target audiences’ tastes and styles

If they are planning to hand out these promotional headwears to kids and teenagers, go for something that looks cool and hip, something colourful and easily attracts the young ones’ eyes. For adults, choose something that is classical but not boring, something chic yet elegant.

Remember that with the right type of designs for specific target markets, you can get them to wear your promotional headwear every day. But if you get them the wrong styles, chances are these headwears will just collect dust in their cabinets. You’d be lucky if they hand them out to other people who might appreciate the designs.

2. Another good tip would be using your own company’s colour instead

After all, you are marketing your business, so using your company’s theme would be perfect to get people to easily recognize your business name instantly.

3. Be creative yet be mindful of your audiences

With these tips in hand, it will be a lot easier to decide on what to print on to your client’s Branded Headwear.


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