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Automated hat sewing machine

Updated: Feb 12

Revolutionize your beanie production with the Opek 300HS automated sewing machine. Say goodbye to labor-intensive, time-consuming processes. This cutting-edge technology streamlines your manufacturing, delivering precision stitches and consistent quality in record time. The Opek 300HS boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both skilled operators and novices to create flawless hats. With its advanced features like adjustable stitch patterns, automatic thread trimming, and seamless integration into your production line, you'll experience increased efficiency and reduced costs. Elevate your business with the Opek 300HS and meet the growing demand for stylish, well-crafted beanies. Upgrade today for a smarter, faster future.

Opek hat sewing machine 300HS

automation from IMS
Automated beanie sewing machine 300 HS



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