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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Made on the Opek 365
Custom beanie and scarves

You know that Cap America offers free spec samples. But did you know you can use spec samples to proactively increase your sales? Simply pick a few customers who you think would benefit from promotional headwear and send us their logos. We’ll sew out a spec sample and send it to you for free. From there, you can do several different things to entice your customers to buy headwear:

Use the spec sample as a customer appreciation gift

This one is simple. After you have your free spec sample with your customer’s logo in hand, simply drop a hand-written note in with the cap and send it back out to your customer, thanking them for their continued business. This keeps you top of mind, and even if they don’t order caps, they’ll probably be thinking of you the next time they have to order pens or notepads. As an added touch, you can have a printed or woven label with YOUR logo and contact information sewn into the cap to ensure that your customer remembers you for all of their promotional needs.

Use the spec sample as a part of a larger presentation

Whether a cap is just one part of a larger array of products (tee shirts, tumblers, pens, etc.), or if you’re presenting several different headwear styles, using spec samples as a part of your presentation will really help your customer envision how these products can enhance their branding efforts. It's one thing to show your customer virtual concepts of products with their logo on it; it’s completely another to let them feel and touch and try on that product with their logo on it. Using spec samples is a great way to enhance your next presentation.

Use the spec sample as part of a fundraiser

Spec samples are a great way to entice people to participate in your customer’s next fundraiser. Whether it’s an incentive to sign up for a 5k, or an example of spirit-wear people can pre-order, caps sewn out with your customer’s event logo are a great way to increase sales. We’ll share two case studies to exemplify how this works:

An end-user was hosting a charity 5K

The distributor who was working with Cap America had a spec sample of a performance-style cap sewn out with the event logo that was used in the customer’s marketing efforts. They enticed runners to sign up by a specific date two weeks before the race, stating that if they did, they would receive a free cap on race day. Once the deadline passed, the distributor ordered the correct number of caps, and they were delivered in time to hand out to the runners who signed up early the morning of the 5k.

A school booster club wanted to host a fundraiser for the high school football team

The dealer they worked with had Cap America knit out a custom designed USA made scarf and matching knit cap. The booster club photographed these items and had parents, students, staff, and community members pre-order the knits. Once the ordering window had closed, the distributor placed the order for the knit caps and scarves with Cap America, and they were delivered in time for the football Homecoming game.

Spec samples are such a great tool to use to increase headwear sales. They’re even better when they’re FREE. Send us your customers' logos today and let us make selling headwear easy. And let us know in the comments other creative ways you’ve utilized spec samples!


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